The 2004 annual volume of Pikakirjoituslehti was its 114th. The circulation was 215 in 2003. The chief editor of the journal is Niklas Varisto.

In Pikakirjoituslehti there are e.g. articles on the shorthand systems and current affairs both from Finland and abroad.

Also the people who study shorthand or improve their shorthand skills are targeted. There are reading exercises for people regardless how much they abbreviate, speed exercises in Finnish and exercises in other languages than Finnish. In all the papers there is an exercise both in Swedish and English, and one other language that change from paper to paper.

In Pikakirjoituslehti also many other subjects that deal with shorthand writers and their working environment are discussed. Information processing is in continuous change. So, many subjects that are linked to this are often referred, e.g. speech recognition, change of the role of secretary and automatic transcription of shorthand note.

The headpiece has remained unchanged from the first number of the journal.


It is possible to order the journal by sending a letter or e-mail to Erja Vasara or to the secretary of the association, Irma Huotinen.

Year 2004 the subscription price is 26 euros added by the postal charge if delivered abroad.

Notes in case of change of address for Erja Vasara.