Föreningen Gabelsberger is a shorthand association whose mission is to promote in Finland shorthand in swedish. The association operates in Helsinki, but it welcomes members from all over Finland.

The association was founded in 1924 and it is an association member of Suomen Pikakirjoittajayhdistys. At the moment there are 18 members in the association.

The name of the association, Föreningen Gabelsbergers, derives from the german Franz Xaver Gabelsberger who can be said to be the father of the modern pen shorthand. He created the first wide spread cursive shorthand system year 1834. Before this mainly geometric systems were used, that is systems with lines and circles to different directions in stead of smoothly going strokes as in normal handwriting.

Despite the name it is not needed that the member of association writes Gabelsberger system - though most members can write it. The association is favor of using shorthand regardless the system the person uses. The members write both the Melin system and the finnish-swedish Fabritius system. To become a member one does not need to shorthand at all. It is enough that the member promotes the swedish shorthand in Finland. Shorthand writers are used i many occasions, e.g. in the Nordic Council and the Parliament.

The members of Föreningen Gabelsberger have i many years actively participated i Intersteno congresses and world championships i shorthand. From 1975 the association has always had at least one member i competitions, until 1987 Olof Meinander and hereafter Niklas Varisto. Marita Rosenger participated the congress in 1987.

Board of the association
    Address Telephone e-mail
President Niklas Varisto Runeberginkatu 8 C 18
00100 Helsinki
+358 45 6333 345 niklas.varisto@saunalahti.fi
Vice president Olof Meinander Rånäs 
02580 Sjundeå 
+358 9 298 6219  
Secretary Arnold Kuningas  Munksnäsallén 19 A
00330 Helsingfors
+358 9 485 363  
Teacher Marita Rosengren  Rånäs 
02580 Sjundeå
+358 9 298 6167  
Cashier Karl-Erik Schalin      

The address of the association

Niklas Varisto
Tenalavägen 4 A
00280 Helsingfors

Telephone, see above Board of the association.